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Why You Need to Visit Hawaii in The Fall

Fall in Hawaii is nothing like what you might be used to. There is no apple-picking or hayrides. Don’t even expect to see golden foliage around you. Yet, it is one of the best times to visit.

Hawaii has two seasons: Hoolio and Kau, which are summer and winter, respectively. And even in winter, you will rarely see the temperatures dip below 75 degrees, making Hawaii a perfect destination for those looking for a quick escape from the bone chilling temperatures in other parts of the country.

Fall is Hawaii’s shoulder season. Although the weather begins to cool down a bit, it also heralds the onset of rains – November to March are the wettest months in Hawaii. With kids back to school, the summer vacation rush subsides, leaving beaches and trails almost empty. The islands give off a more relaxed and laidback vibe during this time but it still offers visitors a wealth of opportunities to have fun.

Here are some of the best things to do in Hawaii during autumn:

  • Whale watching During the fall and winter months in Hawaii, thousands of North Pacific humpback whales from Alaska journey to the warm waters around the islands to mate and give birth. If you want to witness these magnificent creatures as they enjoy the warmth, visit Hawaii in the fall. The waters surrounding O’ahu can give you a glimpse of these mammals, especially at Diamond Head Beach Park.

  • Pumpkin patches In O’ahu, you can find a pumpkin patch at Waimanānalo Country Farms that allows visitors to pick pumpkins and take photos. You need to make your reservations online so that you can drive around the farm, marveling at the pumpkins and watching the farm animals.

  • Cooler weather This is one of the best reasons to visit Hawaii in the fall. The weather, although comparatively warmer than the rest of the country, is much cooler than summer. This makes it perfect for you to spend your time outdoors, whether sightseeing or partaking in adventure activities, such as trekking and surfing, without having to worry about the sweltering heat. You will also run into fewer crowds during this season.

  • The indomitable aloha spirit Aloha, in Hawaii, is used as a greeting. It is used for hello and goodbye, even though it means neither. According to some, the world translates to “love”, “presence” or “share.” But it is so much more. Aloha is a lifestyle. It is the indomitable spirit of the people of the Aloha State. If you visit Hawaii, you will be greeted with Aloha because it is how they treat people and how they take care of themselves and the islands. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you need to visit Hawaii: To experience the Aloha spirit.

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